INFO: Some Pellet Factory-designed clothing and accessory items. (Descriptions below)

A. Pinback button and tote bag from the Hank Richardson Stuck Lonesome 5-Year Anniversary Deluxe Collection [Suitors Club Records]
B. Win/Win t-shirt [designed in collaboration with Black Stamp Studios]
C. Pteradactyl lapel pin [Valley Cruise Press]
D. Speedway - Johnnie Angel t-shirt [Suitors Club Records]
E. Sad Worm pin on denim [Valley Cruise Press]
F. Pteradactyl pin on denim [Valley Cruise Press]
G. Crab pin [Valley Cruise Press]
H. Sad Worm pin [Valley Cruise Press]
I. CÔNG TỬ BỘT hat on gang of reprobates [CÔNG TỬ BỘT]
J. Pteradactyl phone case [Valley Cruise Press]
K. CÔNG TỬ BỘT hat being cool at the beach [CÔNG TỬ BỘT]
L. Suitors Club Records shirt [Suitors Club Records]
M. Stuck Lonesome pinback button on tote #2 [Suitors Club Records]