"We All Wear Cloaks" Cover Art / Beck's "Song Reader"

"A Street Cart Named Desire" / Illustration for Lucky Peach

Untitled / Illustrations for Rubystar Magazine

"Stuck Lonesome" / Hank Richardson J-Card (Front)

"Stuck Lonesome" / Hank Richardson J-Card (Back)

"Wonkyvision" Front Cover / Published by Valley Cruise Press

"Who Killed the Music Industry?" / Illustration for Pando Quarterly

"Reversible Destiny" / Yulia/Olivias 7" Record Jacket

Pt. Dume / Wild Moth J-Card

"S/T" (etching) / Joyce Manor Record Rerelease

"FANCLUB" (front) / Hank Richardson Cassette J-Card

"FANCLUB" (back) / Hank Richardson Cassette J-Card

"How's Everybody's Doings?" Cover Art / Albert Square 7" Jacket

"Sartorial Panache" Cover Art / Albert Square 7" Record Jacket

"Sylvia" / Illustration for Mike Huguenor's "Dog Police"

"Favorite Singer" / Hank Richardson Cassette J-Card

"A Culture of Lies and Laziness" / Illustration for PandoDaily